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Power cuts in Hillrise

December 9, 2003 12:00 AM
  • Meeting to discuss power failures * Residents demand explanation and compensation * Local Liberal Democrat team takes up case

On 4th November 2003 many homes in Miranda Road, Hazelville Road, Cheverton Road, Cressida Road, St. John's Way, Pilgrims Way, Cardinal Way, Gladsmuir Road, Harberton Road, Parolles Road, Prospero Road, Lysander Grove and Dresden Road were left without electricity for up to 36 hours.

Your local Liberal Democrat councillors Fiona Dunlop, Heather Johnson and Jay Sharma contacted the power company responsible - EDF - and took up the issue on your behalf. They believe residents deserve a full explanation of the problems and details of the compensation that may be available.

The Hillrise Liberal Democrat team encouraged everyone affected by the power cuts to go to a public meeting with EDF to talk about what happened. It was local residents' chance to tell EDF what they thought of how they dealt with the power cut.

We understand some residents have already claimed compensation for the loss of power. EDF had not publicised the fact that compensation may be available or that there was a time limit for making a claim (30 days after the power cut). Your Liberal Democrat councillors believe that all residents should be entitled to claim any compensation available to them and that EDF should have done more to inform customers of their rights. We are pressing EDF to accept late claims and it looks as if this will now happen.

"It was a real shame that EDF did not do more initially to restore customer confidence," commented councillor Jay Sharma.

"By not telling customers that they could claim compensation EDF looked as if they were trying to shift the costs of their failure onto other people," added councillor Fiona Dunlop.